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Chapter Officers

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Norm Kellems

Norm Kellems, President

Phil Olivero, Vice-President

Phil Olivero, Vice-President

Dale Turner

Dale Turner, Adjutant/Treasurer

Sgt. USMC  MOS 0314 Mortars
Active Duty  June 1974 -  June 1975
Boot Camp MCRD San Diego, Ca Plt 2065
Numerous assignments including Marine Corps Air Station 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines 1st Marine Brigade Oahu Hawaii. I have held various positions with the L.A. Chapter of the 1st Marine Div. Assoc. and am the current President.

Master Sgt Retired USMC MOS 4421 Legal Services Specialist
Active Duty  1994 -  2016
Boot Camp MCRD San Diego, Ca
Various assignments including  Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Marine Corps Forces Pacific, Marine Corps Central Command, and Marine Corps HQ Judge Advocate Div Pentagon Washington DC. I was also a recruiter from 2001 to 2004. I joined FMDA to help foster and perpetuate the future of the FMDA

Sgt.  MOS 0311/3051/3531
Active Duty  July 1965 - July 1969
Boot Camp MCRD San Diego Platoon 355
“Honor Platoon”
A-1-5 / 1st FSR / 9th MT Bn.  Vietnam 67-68

The FMDA brings to those who join an opportunity to share time with fellow Marines and FMF Corpsmen who share a common bond regardless of era of service.
Joining the Los Angeles County Chapter is a great way to reconnect to those days in the Corps.


Bill Turner , Chaplain/Asst. Treasurer

Bill Turner , Chaplain/Asst. Treasurer

John Beltran

John Beltran, Secretary

Myrl Wallace

Myrl Wallace, Membership

Cpl USMC MOS  1800-3531
Active Duty May 1957 to May 1965
Boot Camp MCRD San Diego, Ca
I was with 3rd Amtrak for the first 2 years and with 3rd Marine Air Wing for 6 yrs. Duty stations include Okinawa, Hawaii, Christmas Island, Vietnam, Laos, and Lebanon. Past President of the L.A. Chapter and  Bodfish Chapter. Member of the Orange County, Hawaii, Northern California and the Colorado Chapters of the First Marine Div Assoc.

Cpl USMC  0311/0341/2531 Rifleman/Mortars/ Radio
Active Duty  April 1968 – Jan 1970
Boot Camp MCRD San Diego, Ca  Plt 269
Platoon Radioman Lima Co. 3rd Bn 1st Marines Vietnam ’68 – ‘69
I was looking for an organization that would give me a chance to associate with fellow Marines and rekindle that bond of brotherhood, the FMDA gave me that chance and I joined in Nov of 2013

Chief Petty Officer USN Corpsman
Active Duty til 1984
Boot Camp Naval Training Center San Diego, Ca
First Marine Div HQ Bn Dec ’66 – Jan ’68 Detached to 9th Eng Bn as a DT3 (HM). Detached to 7th Marines as a DT3 (HM) Retired as CPO (HMC) in May ‘84

Dick Cesaroni, Legal Officer







Bob Martinez, Sgt. At Arms


Cpl USMC MOS 0311 Rifleman
Active Duty August 1956 to August 1960
Boot Camp MCRD San Diego, Ca Graduated Meritorious PFC Plt. 3041

Served aboard the USS Kearsarge Jan 1957 to June 1958, 1st Bn 5th Marines June 1958 to March 1959 and H&S Co. 2nd Bn 1st Marines Feb 1960 to June 1960

Pfc USMC MOS 0311
Active Duty Oct 1952 – Oct 1955
Boot Camp MCRD San Diego Plt 529 Oct ’52 – Jan ‘53
Duty station Korea





Chuck Gore, Director

Jim Mann, Director








Julio Rodriguez, Director

HM2 USN MOS 8304 Hospital Corpsman
Active Duty 1952-1958
Boot Camp Great Lakes Corpsman School
Duty station Uijeongbu Korea

HM3 USN Corpsman
Active Duty  June 1966 – June 1970
Boot Camp Naval Training Center San Diego, Ca
Corpsman Training Balboa Naval Hospital

Whiskey Battery 3rd Bn 11th Marines Vietnam ’69 – ‘70

Cpl USMC  0311/0331 Rifleman/Machine Gunner
Active Duty  Nov 1968 – Nov 1972
Boot Camp MCRD San Diego, Ca Plt 446

Mike Co. 3rd Bn 5th Marines 1st Marine Div  Vietnam ’69-‘70







Leroy Ray Martinez, Director

Fausto Galvin, Director

Max Felser, Director

Cpl USMC MOS 0311
Active Duty March 1956 – July 1961
Boot Camp MCRD San Diego Plt 256
Duty station Opalocka Fl. Oct ’56-Apr’58, Iwakuni Japan Apr ’58-‘Jul’59, MCAS El Toro Ca ’59-‘61  

Staff Sgt USMC MOS 0311 Rifleman
Active Duty August 1969 – August 1976
Vietnam November 1969 – March 1971
Charlie Co. 3rd Bn 5th Marines, 1st Marine Div

SSgt USMC MOS 1142
Active Duty 1973 – 1977
Boot Camp MCRD San Diego Plt 2092 Sept ’73 – Dec ‘73

Duty station 8th Com Bn Camp Lejune NC  ’73-’75, Iwakuni Japan ’75-‘76, Fetuna Okinawa , MCAS El Toro Ca ’76-‘77



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